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Preparing for your Puppy's Arrival: A Checklist for Bringing your Puppy Home

Preparing for your Puppy's Arrival: A Checklist for Bringing your Puppy Home

Bringing home a puppy is an exciting time! But with all the excitement, it's important to be prepared to make their transition as smooth as possible.  This checklist will ensure your furry friend has everything they need to feel comfortable and secure in their new home.

Puppy Essentials Checklist:

1. Bed and blankets: Create a designated snoozing spot with a comfy bed and soft blankets.

2. Food storage: Invest in a container your pup can't access to keep food fresh and safe.

3. Complete puppy food: Ask your breeder or veterinarian for recommendations on the best food for your pup's age and breed.

4. Playtime Fun (including chew toys): Provide a variety of stimulating toys to keep them entertained and redirect chewing from furniture

5. Training Treats: Small, tasty treats are essential for positive reinforcement training.

6. Collar and tag: A collar with an ID tag is legally required for walks.

7. Lead and harness: Choose a comfortable harness for leash training walks.

8. Water and food bowls: Choose bowls that are the right size for your pup, check here for ideas.

9. Puppy pads and poo bags: Stock up on these for accidents and potty training.

10. Grooming brush: Select a brush appropriate for your pup's fur type.

11. Dog toothpaste and brush: Maintain good dental hygiene from the start.

12. Dog shampoo: Choose a gentle shampoo formulated for puppies.

 Additional Needs:

Carpet cleaner: Accidents happen, so be prepared for any mess.

Beyond the Checklist: Making Your Puppy Feel Welcome

 Welcoming your Pup Home

  • Early Pick-Up: Bringing your puppy home earlier in the day allows them to adjust before nightfall.
  • Supervised Exploration: Let your pup explore their new surroundings while keeping a watchful eye.
  • Safe Space: Create a designated "safe zone" where your puppy can retreat when overwhelmed

  • Sleepy Time Solutions: Decide on a sleeping arrangement that works for you and your puppy.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Reward good behavior with praise and treats for a happy and well-behaved pup.

By following this checklist and providing a loving and secure environment, you'll help your furry friend feel right at home from day one. Remember, the first few weeks are crucial for building a strong bond and establishing positive routines.  Congratulations on your new addition, and happy puppy parenting!


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